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Unique Opportunity Report: Gold and Silver Outlook

Fundamental Thesis:

Before cryptocurrencies the most efficient and popular way to hedge against inflation was to store wealth in bonds and/or precious metals. While we have seen funds flow away from Gold and Silver in recent months as the narrative that Bitcoin will replace gold gains popularity I think we should stop and say… not so fast… I may be relatively young, but I can’t ignore the fact that Gold and Silver are mankind’s oldest recorded store of wealth and medium exchange and I do still believe that in this inflationary environment, Gold and Silver will have their day. Let’s examine the charts and, especially Silver which is showing a technical bottom unfolding.

Technical Analysis: GC - Gold Futures

Long term outlook (monthly chart):

Gold needs to get back above the monthly moving averages or it risks falling further towards 1500.

Medium term outlook (weekly chart):

A bullish break out could produce a move in gold back above $2000/ oz over the next several months.

Short term outlook (daily chart):

Gold sees a clear breakout above the pink resistance.

Technical Analysis: SI - Silver Futures

Long term outlook (monthly chart):

I expect silver to trade at its all time high by 2023.

Medium term outlook (weekly chart):

Silver looks due for a sharp move back to 29-30.

Short term outlook (daily chart):

Next week will be important to see how Silver reacts as price gets into the daily moving averages.

Preferred miners and ETFs:

AG: First Majestic Silver Corp.

EXK: Endeavor Silver Corp.

GOLD: Barrick Gold Corp. (Large cap)

NEM: Newmont Gold Cop. (Large Cap)

AGQ - Proshares Ultra Silver 2x

SLV - Ishares Silver Trust

GLD - SPDR Gold Shares

GDXJ - VANeck Junior Gold Miners ETF

SILJ - ETFMG Prime Junior Silver Miners ETF

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