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Monthly Charts!

Hello Friends!

Below are a series of monthly charts across a number of assets. For the most part I will let the charts speak for themselves with some brief commentary.

ES_F - S&P 500 Futures.

The monthly candle is taking a bit of an ugly shape here, the daily chart shows support at 4620 below that we could see a sell off to 4440. If 4620 holds look for new ATHs in the coming weeks.

TNX.X - US 10 YR Yields

Interest rates want to spoil the party, does the Fed have the nerve to tighten here? My gut tells me no. At least not in Q1, and when it comes it will it be meaningful? Will real rates force their hand? This is definitely the theme to monitor on all time frames against risk assets. The Fed is likely, at least in my opinion, considering ways to keep rates near zero, not coming up with a path to raise rates to "normal".

BTC - Bitcoin

40,000 needs to hold to avoid a dip into the 30s, again the only strategy here at this stage is BTFD, and HODL in spot bitcoin, no leverage, the exchanges offering it are snake oil salesman.

ETH - Ether

If we go much lower this. may cascade towards 2000.

GC_F Gold Futures

While I like gold, the next asset is the precious metal to watch.

SI_F Silver Futures

I LOVE SILVER. Will continue adding to my physical stash this year.

CL_F Oil

Another asset to monitor the inflation narrative is oil. Might oil head to $100.

DBA - Agricultural Commodity Index

I continue to pound the table on this trade! a slow mover but a no brainer long term in my opinion.

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