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Mind Over Markets

Actively trading markets presents a fine line between finding an edge to identify asymmetric risk/reward opportunities... and gambling. To maintain “the edge” is to remain in a consistent state of opportunity flow where we must consume information with an objective eye rather then piecing together the bits and pieces that best suit our narrative. The truth is the same in life we must not chase opportunities but rather we must position ourselves for them when they come. The mind is complex, and often times has a way of introducing us to to a state of contradiction where we enter into long moments of self doubt. To actively trade markets is to surrender oneself to this state on a consistent basis.

Recognizing that a certain environment doesn’t provide you an edge is the difference between successful traders and unsuccessful ones. The same can be applied to our professional lives. Knowing which opportunities are worth pursuing and which are not is the foundation of business and entrepreneurship.

Financial markets provide an endless amount of reward for those willing to pursue it gracefully, but for those seeking immediate gratification the market provides the possibility of endless despair. Whatever your goals are stop and ask yourself, am I pursuing this in a manner that is sustainable? Am I pursuing this in a way that brings me peace?

If you received the life you wanted tomorrow, would you be prepared for the burdens that would come with it? I’ve learned that in life, blessings come side by side with pain, and that nothing worth while comes without true self discovery and sacrifice.

Take care of yourself,

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