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Give and Take

Sunday, December 19th (S&P 500, TWTR, TSLA)

Oh how markets give and take, post the fed meeting Wednesday markets roared higher on the same ole rhetoric. Thursday the market took away those gains, and the same dance continues. What do we see Monday? The 4600 level held Friday and markets were able to settle off the lows but still .84% lower then the previous close.

I still think this market has more to it, while it will remain choppy I think the low is in at 4500.

(S&P 500 - Daily)

4550 is the next support should 4600 be taken out. Ultimately I believe that level has to hold early next week, OR the recent lows maybe in jeopardy.

(TWTR - Daily)

If markets manage to hold their lows. I love Twitter into the end of the year. The stocks been beat up lately over a chance in ownership, but with it back near its original IPO price. I think it's worth a shot with a stop at the most recent daily low.

(TSLA - Daily)

Closed a gap dating back to October. and forming somewhat of a continuation pattern, again, IF markets hold the lows. I like TSLA and TWITTER to outperform into the new year.

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