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Enhanced Perspective...

I started my writing and charting journey aimlessly with somewhat of a vision for what I wanted to accomplish with it…

Every time I introduced a way to commercialize my analysis/writing…The vision would start to blur. What you see today is whatever the universe wanted it to become…

Everything in my life seems to be falling into place… At times the journey makes me question who I am, especially when I feel like most people I talk to from my past seeming want something from me. I have a ton of respect for the successful people I’ve approached throughout my life.

I understand your patience from a different perspective and I hold that dearly…What I’ve taken from this , is at the end of the day… nothing material matters. We are entering into a world of social currency.

And what I’ve realized is your body of work will be valued by the communities you participate in while your alive…after that…well who gives a shit anyways.

Painting by: Noa Knafo

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