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Updated: Oct 17, 2021

You know, throughout the past several days, while pouring through every dark corner of my soul, I wasn't quite sure what I was trying to write...

But now it's clear to me.

My intention was not to spread negativity or hate, or to tear anyone down. I was simply tearing myself apart and anyone in my path was simply caught in the crossfire. You see when you want to write about the things I want to write about, and talk about the things that I want to talk about, you have to be bullet proof, and my writing is my shield.

The world of social media has caused us all to become completely consumed by what others think of us and I'll admit, I'm 100% victim to that, I think we all are to an extent. Regardless of the extent to which you use it or whether you use it at all, social networking is here to stay and how we choose to interact with that facet of life matters more and more to a higher degree as we move further into the future.

I guess this is what I'm trying to say...

The Universe, OR God, OR Allah, OR the guy that guys like me aren't allowed to write about, or even say his name (you know the guy) WHATEVER God you believe in (I suggest you find one) is just an idea. BUT, the thing about ideas is... They're the most powerful "Things".

"God" - to me is the idea that this shared space in which we occupy (aka the earth, the sun, the moon, & the stars - Fuck all that other shit for now - ELON...) is here for us to give and take from with respect and admiration for it's beauty and abundance. I will say that again … GOD and/or the UNIVERSE is here… for us, to give and take from, with respect and admiration for it‘s beauty and abundance.

SO. What does that mean? when I pray, I'm praying that the nurse at the hospital caring for the sick boy does her job. I'm praying that the soldier overseas knows right from wrong. I'm praying that the Federal Reserve will quickly start to realize that maybe after all these decades they've been pushing the boundaries of money too far.

You see when I pray, I'm not asking anyone, for anything.

I'm putting blind faith in humanity & that's my religion.

Believing that I got your back ... & that you got mine.

If we found the energy to put the utmost faith in ourselves, we would quickly find out that everything we've been searching for has been with us the entire time.

Once we find that, we all become "God" collectively.

Everyone is assigned 1 of 2 genders when their born, and with that 1 assignment the universe gives you (please don't fuck it up) comes a unique opportunity to chase your dreams. The choices we make here on earth matter but when I send it on over to the after life I want to make damn sure that the people that were in my corner here on earth know that I left it all out on the line for them, and always had good intentions.

Real quick lets talk about those, the thing about intentions is that sometimes I'm an idiot... and like most of you I have no idea what I'm doing and that often times equates to regret, & regret is a funny one.

The thing about regret is, it cuts deep, it shows up in the middle of the night when you're on a date with a new boy or girl you think you're falling in love with... Regret pulls up behind you after you shut your locker and kicks you right in the nuts, without warning.

You can't hide from regret...that guys a motherfucker...

The only way I try to deal with regret lately is to choke that fool out!

Put him to sleep with a better person...apologize when I'm wrong...give 100% to what and who I choose to give my time to. Then and only then have I found that he tends to leave me alone for longer.

WE dictate what our world will look like in, 30, 40, 50, and even 100 years from now.

Until the big man, woman, or big giant orb of energy upstairs decides to shut the lights out.


Originally I planned to sit back and really take my time on this piece.

But as the seconds passed and as the sleepless night continued... I realized I had to put it out tonight.

Because tomorrow is never promised...

Tick tock...

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